Can't see errors after upgrading to OpenFL 3.0.0-beta3

Since I upgraded to OpenFL 3.0.0-beta3, when there’s a crash on both the Mac and iOS platforms, there’s no output with the errors, the application just closes and I can’t seem to find any feedback of what’s happening.
Any ideas how can I make the error visible again?

Marco Lopes

I think this usually depends on the type of error, does your project work in Neko? Have you tried -debug?

Thanks, -debug did the trick, the problem was one of the sound files was wrongly an mp3 for every platform, and caused the crash, on the old openfl it just used to issue a warning.

Now it runs but it seems like all the hitTestObject collisions stopped working on both the Mac and iOS platforms, it’s also very slow now on the iOS. Although I’m using the simulator, it didn’t use to be slow before. Both the performance and the hitTestObject issue weren’t happening on version 2.2.8.

EDIT: I’ve also noticed that a sound that was in repeat it’s not repeating with version 3.0.0-beta3 on Mac and iOS, but it repeats on the flash target. I’ve tried it with version 2.2.8 and it repeats ok.

Are you using -Dlegacy, or no?

No, this is without using the -Dlegacy flag.

OpenFL 2.2.8 is like OpenFL 3.0 building with -Dlegacy, I suggest using that for the moment while we continue to improve the newer code in OpenFL 3.0. Thanks :slight_smile:

Will do, legacy mode seems to do the trick, thanks. :slight_smile: