Can't run a new OpenFL project on Neko - SOLVED

I have created a bare bones OpenFL project using this command:

lime create openfl:project MyTestProject

I then added one trace to the Main.hx (Only to test if main is running).
Then I try and run the project using neko:

lime test neko

and I get

Called from ApplicationMain.hx line 188
Uncaught exception - Invalid field access : executablePath

I am not really sure what ApplicationMain.hx is! For bonus points, can someone tell me what this is?

If I run for other platforms it works fine and shows my trace. Tried with flash, windows, and html5.

I am using:
Windows 8
Haxe Compiler 3.1.3
Lime 2.0.0-alpha.8
Lime-tools 1.5.7
Openfl 2.1.5 (Openfl Command-Line Tools 2.1.5-LLHhzq)
Openfl-tools 1.0.10

ApplicationMain.hx is part of OpenFL. It’s the real “main” class. It sets up the application, then calls your main function.

I really don’t know why you’re getting that error, though. Sys.executablePath() is a totally valid function.

Strange, I just tried the same (just for sanity sake) and it worked fine, running the same versions of OpenFL and Lime (lime-tools and openfl-tools are old, and should not be used) and Windows 10.

When you run “lime”, I’m guessing it gives you the correct version?

Hmm, very strange. When I run “lime” I get: 2.0.0-alpha.8.

I have now removed openfl-tools, and lime-tools just in-case something weird was happening, then created a new project but still having the same issue with Neko.

I have tried the same thing on my Ubuntu box, and that seems fine, so I am quite confused about what is happening.

I am wondering if Neko is setup/installed wrong somehow. So am tempted to uninstall and reinstall HaxeToolkit fresh, to see if that does anything. But it would be nice to know exactly what’s going on. Any you guys might want to know too.

Head to HaxeTookit/haxe/std/neko/_std/Sys.hx, and check if it’s missing the function for some reason.

I had spent quite a while on this, so went ahead and reinstalled haxe and neko. And now it seems to all work fine! Very strange!

Must have got into a weird state at some point, but happy to have it working again :smile:

Glad to know the world still makes sense. Thanks for sharing! :success: