Can't run 32bit linux build

Well, linux is giving me some headaches this time…

i’m having this error at the 32bit linux cpp build:

 Called from openfl._legacy.utils.ByteArray::__init__ openfl/_legacy/utils/ByteArray.hx line 761
 Error : Null Function Pointer

very similar to this issue:

just that in my case, openfl test doesn’t work either.

tried with -Dlegacy and also the neko build, with that, i get:

./hacknblocks: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and yes, i have libgc installed (libgc-dev and libgc-32).

of course, i’m in a 64bit system, and 64 bit build works perfectly. does i need a 32bit VM to build?