Can't drawTiles and do other draws to the same Graphics

Is there some bug in rendering, while using drawTiles and other “paint” functions like moveTo, lineTo, drawRect etc. on the same Graphics? On Linux and neko It results with strange behaviour, like displaying whole tilesheet in place of a tile, or weird cuts on tiles, shifting the tiles etc.
I do graphics.clear() every frame, end even when I draw only 1 tile and 1 rectangle, in just couple of seconds app takes gigabytes of RAM and finally crashes.

OpenFL 3.4.0; Lime 2.7.0

I can prepare some example and screenshots if that would be needed.

Is it possible to put drawTiles in a different object?

I kind of want to get rid of drawTiles entirely for this reason :frowning:

I did it as temporary work-around in my project.

What do you mean by that?? No drawTiles in some future OpenFL version?? Isn’t it the fastest method to draw? :open_mouth:

Tilemap is looking to be much faster than drawTiles:

(compare the OpenFL 3.4 vs legacy)

Just have to get this finished…