Cannot create MovieClip from Bytes


You can “Export as Bitmap” from Adobe Animate, or use bitmapData.draw at runtime, to convert vectors to bitmaps. The part where we output bitmaps is when we detect bitmap tags in the SWF, so “Export as Bitmap” would result in a SWF with these tags instead of shape tags


I’m using Flash cc so it doesn’t come as a check option but rather as an export 1 frame as bitmap or PNG Sequence, besides I just don’t use vectors simply cuz I don’t make my graphics in Flash itself but in a different drawing tool.


Oh I found the check option you mentioned and it’s not turned on for any of my movieclips, it’s just that the frames already contain pngs. That being said it’s still up to me to find a work around or sticking to use air as packaging target.


If you turn on the flag and generate the SWF again, it will make all the frames output as bitmaps, which increases the file size, but also helps performance and lowers complexity