[Bug] Sound leftPeak rightPeak


In native projet, it seem SoundChannel.leftPeak or SoundChannel.rightPeak is bugged. It always return value : 0.499951836602122.
Somebody is facing this problem and find a solution ?

If i understand, the problem come from OpenAL , who’s can’t get the peak of a sound…

Thanks you

Have you tried using a mono sound? I believe OpenAL might not mix position for stereo sound

Yeah, it doesn’t work too.

We can’t do anythings i suppose.

Oh, peak, I was thinking of balance.

It sounds like we’ll have to analyze audio data manually if we want this data :confused:


Apologies for bumping something out of date, but is there any visibility on this being supported? I’d love for some of the advanced ComputeSpectrum stuff to make it’s way in to OpenFL, but being able to at least scan the current amplitude of a playing sound or music file would certainly tide me over :slight_smile:

Second bump. Still curious. Ran into this just now. :slight_smile: