This is haunting me for more than a year I think, never got an answer so finally decided to ask here.
My app is using Google Billing and Tapjoy for Android and Apple’s billing for iOS. The client is connecting to those services at the start of the app and if there is a problem it sends a report with the error to Google Analytics.
The DAU is currently like 4000-6000 and I receive 3000-4000 error reports daily. If there is an error the user cannot use the service so this would mean that most of the users cannot access Billing and Tapjoy services - for both Android and iOS.
I do not have any information about the Tapjoy error but Google Billing returns BILLING_RESPONSE_RESULT_ERROR.
I checked what that means and some guys say it could be caused by CPU overhead for more than 20 seconds. I have made sure that during the setup the app is idle but I’m still getting those errors. It is also a bit weird that users do not report that they cannot use the purchase system.
This is not specific in any way - happens to both Android and iOS, all OS versions, every country, every device.
Did anyone of you experience that in their app? It’s worth to mention that I wasn’t aware of that problem until I started sending reports - u might want to check that :wink:

I don’t know what information to give you.

A newer version of in app billing for Android might behave better, or give better error messages. It seems like this could occur, as well, if the user has bad payment information, and probably if they are not signed into Google play or are offline

Yeah a new version would be nice, seems like the current one hasn’t been touched in long time. Also Google’s support sucks, tried contacting them and was told to use their forums which are spammed by job offers and are a total mess.

Is it the same billing API version as

I’m using my own extension but the AIDL file is the same.