BabylonHx and openfl 4 compatibility

Since a few months, BabylonHX has lost compatibility with openFL. It won’t crash but the 3D rendering is altered (many display bugs). As I understood, the author of BabylonHX do not plan on keeping it compatible with openFL, as he can’t spend time on understanding why BabylonHX and openFL can’t work together anymore.
BabylonHX is working fine with lime though and now include a 2D rendering library (pretty similar to the openFL API even if more simple) so maybe keeping a compatibility between BabylonHX and Openfl isn’t really important. However, I find it a bit sad as BabylonHx was pretty much the only 3D engine working with OpenFL (there is also Away3D but, when I tested it, it wasn’t as powerfull as BabylonHX) and having openFL to render 2D allowed to use really convenient libs like Actuate out of the box.
So I wanted to know if there was an easy solution to make BabylonHX work with OpenFL again? The curent problem is probably that BabylonHX and openFL share the same openGL rendering window. Would it be possible to have them rendered one in top of the other (openFL on top of BabylonHX)? Because currently, when the BabylonHX Engine is created, we pass it an openFL Sprite as a Canvas where to render. But it is probably not the good solution…

I agree. Would love to see this working again. OpenFL is great but we need a good 3d engine that integrates with it :slight_smile:

Work is ongoing for Away3D, we will also need to work more on our support for detecting the GL state, and properly sharing the same context with another renderer