BabylonHx 2.0 and openfl [ FIX with incompatible solution ]

Hello guys,

If you always problem of #4343 like haxe version is not compatibility.

Reason: You need to fix “openfl build windows -Dhaxe_320dev

Than it doesn’t show error :slight_smile:

I hope you get openfl-apps of BabylonHx 2.0

Best regards

Awesome to see babylonHx running native (i test around with lime -> no error on windows, very cool stuff) !!!

did some test-scene in blender, to play around (export with current blender-addon)
and load into Babylon with SceneLoader.Load().

babylon.js result:

doing same with BabylonHx:

Is uv-texture-mapping ok or some glitches there? (…here is json+texture export from blender: :)=

oh, for webgl-targets i had to vertically flip textures in BabylonHx,
thanks to vujadin ->

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Yes I knopw you want create html5 / js but I would like to use Lime / cpp because I want create standalone app under desktop and mobile :slight_smile:

BabylonHx samples (lime) looks same on windows-cpp-build (but android not working yet on my machine;)

Thanks but members of Openfl-Community are unrespect to me and they ignone me :frowning:

nobody ignores you … i like that great pure haxe port of Babylon 3D Scene Graph
and i tryed out that “2.0” trunk with openfl to (now i use haxelib git here: … to visualize my blender-stuff! )

( in 2d pixelated dreams …it will be hard to leave surface … i dont know ; )=

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