Away3d vs view align (HTML5 target)

I can’t figure out how to align View3D (from Away3D) to top of a browser window in html5 target.
It seems to be aligned to bottom of a browser window as default.

var view:View3D = new View3D();

view.x = 0;
view.y = 0;

view.width = 800;
view.height = 400;


// the same effect when I add View3D to MovieClip that resides on Stage and is aligned to top.

Does anyone meet similar problem?

Does view.x mean the center point, or a top-left/bottom-left point? Have you tried on the desktop to see if it is behaving the way you expect?

It is a top-left point.
The mentioned alignment occurs on desktop browsers, such as chrome, firefox, opera.

I’m still in the process of finding solution (still no ideas).

PS: stage3D is a “wild animal” (like it was in the days of AS3) :slight_smile:

Have you tried the Away3D samples?

openfl create away3d
openfl create away3d View
cd View
openfl test neko
openfl test html5