Audio stopped working on Flash/Ubuntu

I could have sworn I had audio working on Flash with my Ubuntu VM. It doesn’t work any more.

I tried:

  • Reinstalling the Flash player
  • Reverting to an older, known, good version of my game code
  • Restarting my VM
  • Playing other flash games (audio works)
  • Running my code on Windows (audio works – same machine)

None of this seems effective. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Double-derp: this only happens in one of my two Ubuntu VMs.

@singmajesty any idea what I should do to fix this?

This sounds like an incompatibility with 1.) your host system 2.) the VM player you use and 3.) the virtual audio driver used

I have a feeling that using a different VM player, a different virtual audio driver or a different virtualized OS install could make the difference, strange though

I’m not sure. I’m 95% sure it used to work on that specific VM + host, and I didn’t update any drivers (physical or virtual).

I’ll try reinstalling OpenFL. If other flash apps can play audio fine on that specific VM, it’s probably not that.

THanks for your input.

I reinstalled everything, but no luck. That’s disappointing. I guess I’m stuck.

So tell me again, audio works in a native C++ or Neko build? It works in a standard Flash build? It does not work in a Haxe Flash build, is that correct?

It’s something specific to the environment. Please don’t waste any more time on this. I can run Neko, or run my SWF in FireFox, or use the same Chrome version on a different VM, all successfully.

To be explicit, all of the following work:

  • Same SWF in FireFox
  • Any other SWF with audio in Chrome
  • Using Neko
  • The same setup on a different Ubuntu VM (with the same version of Chrome)
  • The same setup on Windows (host machine)

It’s just something weird. I’ll try switching to Neko, but as I mentioned on a GitHub issue, it’s frustrating when my VM completely crashes and I have to restart it. I can open a new thread about that if you’re interested (I’m guessing you’re not).

You could install trying a standalone Flash player, it’s not totally simple to do in Linux, but it’s another potential option for Flash testing, otherwise you might set Firefox as the default browser for testing

Yes, I think I will just use Firefox for testing my app. Maybe the problem will eventually fix itself. I would like to switch to Neko, but the VM crashes make it quite unusable.

I also synch everything on DropBox, so I can easily run it on Windows, too.