Atom Processors with Android and OpenFL

About Atom processors, have you experience about performance? I’ve noticed in some real tablets with atom processors that performances are really low. Have someone similar experience?


I think this depends on how much you rely on the CPU. bitmapData.draw and other software APIs will tax the processor in a way that the GPU might not, though even then, an Atom-based system might have a really poor GPU, so poor (in fact) that we might have to fallback to software completely. Do you have a way of testing stage.window.renderer.type to know if it’s running GL or Cairo?

Hope to have next month, from 1st November and 5th November we have italian Comicon and we are there to disclose hour first game. Then we have the consequences of the presentation.

I need to study more about GL to understand more in order to substitute bitmapData-draw with some other. Are there some documents can I take a look?

Thanks again Singmajesty.

We support Cairo (which is software-based) as well as OpenGL rendering. We should fallback automatically if the GPU does not appear to be compatible, but this can create performance problems if you try and render a lot of objects. It might be worth checking the CPU usage, the APIs used and the runtime stage.window.renderer.type value to understand better what’s going on

Oh, with Android

Atom processors have an ARM compatibility mode, I believe, which may or may not be costly. It may be possible to try and make an x86 build for Android instead, I think we might support that if you add <architecture name="x86" if="android" /> but I have never tried it on a real device

You have described my issue. I need to render many object for some scene of my game and atom seems specifically suffer them. Sometimes is not able to complete all the tasks and render only some part of the scene, then crash on the first interaction.

About <architecture name="x86" if="android" /> and compatibility checks you describe: setting x86 seems not a good choice for a large scale distribution of an app, am i right? Is there a way to have a check only one time then procede always with same method?

Thanks for explanations.

Adding an architecture should make the APK larger, but still include ARMv7 unless you specifically exclude it. You could do different APKs for different architectures (and upload accordingly) or build both and we’ll package them together

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