AS3 tutorials for OpenFL goodness & learning

hello all,

me being someone who has some hard times learning things, mainly in reading [being dissleccic ;)], one main way i like to learn is through seeing what is happening. pure and simple. that is the best way. so videos on youtube are always a good thing.

since openfl itself does not have the best of the bunch to really get down in the nitty gritty [but still some really great examples], plus also since its based on AS3… well why not post some playlist[s] on AS3 that could be used for openfl.
now, i have gone thorugh some of these. some are a bit… hmmmm? at times because of AS3/flash things that are none existent with openfl. but there are ways around it. but the syntax and the such are helpful to convert and not hard

so lets begin.

feel free to post other AS3 tutorials that you may find. but hopefully these also become useful to other folks :wink:
ill be adding more if and when i come across them. see what happens :wink:

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Wow, awesome collection!

Lately I enjoy listening to Christopher Butler’a “Nature of Haxe” videos:

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ah yes. i forgot about those. i have them on my system. nice mini series talking about shifting the processing nature of code to haxe. really nice

2 more. this time its for away3d. im not a user of away3d, mainly because its not for the later version of openfl — yet :wink: but still its something to learn from.
sooner or later i will look at away3d

this one is slightly different, because it is starling framework, but its still flash in many ways, but seeing some of the code, it would make a nice addition :wink:

some other ones, which are flash as3 based

one of my biggest pains is finding info on getting joystick/gamepads working right, so i found this. have not gone through it yet, but its for flash/air, so should be fine… i hope :wink: