APK without legacy lib


I’m building my app for mobile with the latest libs and the APK seems to contain liblime-legacy.so lib which is 1.5MB while packed. Is it necessary? If not then how can I build my app so only the liblime is in the APK? From what I understood the legacy lib is becoming deprecated and it would be nice to remove it and shrink the APK by 1.5MB.


Are you using a framework or just openfl? Some frameworks still use legacy.

I’m using just openfl.

In other project however i’m using haxeflixel and it requires legacy, can I use only legacy with this one?

When it’s just openfl unless you ask for it (-Dlegacy) you aren’t in legacy mode,
so you shouldn’t need the legacy .so, its inclusion could be a bug.

Haxeflixel has been making a lot of progress to be compatible with the new openfl,
I think you can disable their use of legacy with -Dnext if you wish to test.

Thanks! And sorry for the delay. -Dlegacy and -Dnext seem to work although there is something in the app asking for both so it seems I’m gonna have to use both anyway.