Anyone reported multi-touch problem on ios?

I am having some issues with mult-touch on ios platform. Mainly touch is generated but its not giving correct coordinate of touch positions. I am using haxeflixel btw, for android multi-touch works just as expected, but on ios it’s messed up both in simulator and on real device. I reported this on haxeflixel forum as this problem is not happening on all target (android is fine) they suggested this might be an openfl issue. That’s why I am asking if anyone is having same problem too on ios.
I am using following versions of lime, openfl and hxcpp
lime 2.0.5
hxcpp 3.1.48
openfl 2.2.3

I have tried setting iOS deployment target to 5/6 through xcode and project.xml. But it still remains the same. It actually returns twice the value it should return.

Does this occur in a simple sample? It would be great if you could “openfl create project TouchTest” and get something that reproduces your issue, and I can test here. What devices are you testing against, is it the same in the iOS simulator as on devices?

I was getting this on both simulator and on 5s device. I have no idea how to do a get touch input on openfl as I have only used haxeflixel, but I will try when I get time. I will report back what I have found.

Btw I am really amazed that there is no multi-touch sample in openfl-samples, when multi-touch is so obvious for mobile target.

Update: After a bit searching I have found a 3 year old NME code, changed it for current openfl and run. It is working just as fine. If multi-touch is working for openfl then it must be a haxeflixel issue. I have created an oepnfl project as you said and used this code in Main.hx it is working as expected

Another thing I would like to know how to get to see trace("") log when simulator is running, I have tried debug build but nothing was showing on console.

I think that the newer version of ios-sim has dropped the trace messages, which is frustrating. Have you tried running from Xcode? Use lime update ios then hit the “play” button from there.

I’m really hoping that the third-party iOS tools continue to improve (but I wish Apple would just support this functionality out of the box)