Android - TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP not firing


I’m developing for an android device(tablet) but noticed that the tap event doesn’t trigger. Is this a known issue? All the other events such as TOUCH_END and TOUCH_BEGIN works just fine.

>     stage.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP, finger_tap);
>     private function finger_tap(event:TouchEvent): Void {
>         trace("working"); //false - not working..
>     }

Should I be using the multitouch instead?

I don’t know about this issue, but… instead of going multitouch (if you don’t need it), have you tried just MouseEvent.CLICK
I am pretty sure that one works for sure.

Mouse_click in a touch environment? It just seems weird to me that the only touch event that doesn’t work is the tap.

Weird or not there is no other way than TOUCH_BEGIN, TOUCH_END or just a MOUSE_CLICK

Look at the code:

also there is already a ticket open on this issue

subscribe the ticket and you will see if it gets closed.

Cheers. I’ll keep my eyes open.

Sorry for bringing up an couple of days old topic but would there be an effective way to simulate a tapping method?

I don’t understand…

What is the practical difference between a CLICK and a TAP?

Mouse events (CLICK, MOUSE_MOVE, etc.) are only dispatched for the first “pointer.” So if you are currently touching the screen with two fingers, whichever finger was first will dispatch mouse events, and the other won’t.

However, both pointers (both fingers) will dispatch touch events (TAP, TOUCH_MOVE, etc.).

Sorry, it’s me being an idiot. I meant to say double tapping.

I don’t think it exists.
You can handle it very easily.

Here is a complete example