Android Build PNG rendered as Black

I use Haxe 3.2.1, OpenFL 3.5.3, Lime 2.8.3 and OpenFl-samples 3.3.1

Everything was compiled successfully and the APK files was generated, but when I test the AddingAnimation on Android, the images was rendered black. I also tried to do -Dlegacy and also changed the pixel dimension of image in powers of two, but still the same. I am afraid to use the latest versions including OpenFl 3.6 - OpenFl 4 as these are still being developed. What should I update instead?

The Problem was the emulator, I can confirm since I have tested in a Real Device attach to my Linux Machine. This is therefore not an OpenFl/Lime issue.


Please use the Real Hardware for testing.

…or try and use a hardware accelerated emulator, I believe you can using a newer-style Android API emulator, and there’s an option for it