Actuate - start tween after other?

Is it possible ( with actuate ) to start another tween ( for the same object ) after the first one is finished ?
I know for onComplete( … ) , but looking for other solution . Here is example :

class Test {
    static function main() {
        var point:Point = new Point();
        Actuate.tween(point, 1, { x: 10 }).onUpdate(function() { trace("x(1): "+point.x); });
        // ..... some code
        //..... some code
        Actuate.tween(point, 2, {x:15, y:5},false).onUpdate(function() { trace("x(2): "+point.x); }).delay(1);

In this example I use a hack ( set delay to 1 second , the same time as the first tween),.

Is there some other method which will start the second tween after the first is finished ?

I’d be curious to know why onComplete won’t do the trick, but perhaps you could run a constantly going test on “point” and when x is 10, trigger the next animation. You could tie it to a Timer function or do stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, stage_onEnterFrame);

Some time ago I used TweenChain wrapper on Actuate for chaining.
It’s use milliseconds for duration, so tweak it or take into account.

Thanks to everyone for the help.
Maybe I will stick with delay . Other solution which I tried was with MotionPath, but there have some delay between first .line(x1, y1) and the second one .line(x2,y2) . This is because when tween approach x1 the change is less than a pixel and there is visible stop of the motion

About why onComplete won’t work for me :

My example above is not the real situation. In reality I have If / else statements ( for the first Actuate.tween ) with some calculation and different start / stop x/y , but the second tween is always the same ( well with different start/stop depending from the if/else above),

Maybe this helper class is useful for you:

Its for sequencing animations (gsap like) in Actuate tweening engine. It doesn’t support everything Actuate does, but it’s easy to use and works well for standard tweens.