ActionScript 3.0 Support


I used hxgenjs processing to generate a valid JS file, but the index.html template is estimated to need to be adjusted to use it, because now I can’t find lime.


CommonJS needs to be bundled back together, using Webpack, Browserify or another solution, so you’re back to having one file.

ES6 modules can be loaded as separate files directly from the browser, so long as the browser supports the EcmaScript 2015 (ES6) featureset.

There’s a library called “modular” on Haxelib, which allows you to choose how your code is broken up, with asynchronous loading at runtime. This amounts to <haxelib name="modular" /> in your code, then Bundle.load () around code that should be loaded from another file. It then performs code-splitting for you


I do not quite understand the use of this part. Does this have a demo?


The effect I hope is that there is a complete separation of openfl.min.js from the implementation logic.

I successfully added haxe-modular and edited, but got the following result, still a js file.

Parsed in: 261ms
Stats: 388 types, 3785 references
AST processed in: 97ms
Graph processed in: 7ms
Emit **********
Write **********
Total process: 398ms


I solved, thank you, this generated openfl/lime will sound? What kind of class will not be missing?