[$100 Bounty] Touch not working on some Google Pixel phones

I have several reports of touch not working at all in my game The Enchanted Cave 2. All reports are using some kind of Google Pixel phone, and all are running android 11. However some pixel devices do work, and I think it is linked to third party apps but I’ve had only very limited success with helping people this way.

The only way I’ve been able to reproduce the issue which I hope is the same one users are experiencing is by installing this Touch Protector app on a Pixel phone with Android 11. Following the same steps I could not reproduce the issue on another device running Android 8.

Even when the app is “unlocked” and touch works elsewhere in the phone, it doesn’t work in my game. I’ve found that turning off the Touch Protector app in Accessibility settings fixes the issue.

Here is a screen recording of reproducing the issue with Pirate Pig on a Pixel 3 XL:


My steps in the video are

  1. Demonstrate Pirate Pig is working
  2. Go to Accessibilty settings and turn on Touch Protector
  3. Demonstrate that Touch Protector is in fact “unlocked” by locking the screen and tapping the Pirate Pig icon with no effect, then unlocking and tapping Pirate Pig to launch it.
  4. No touch is working now.
  5. I turn it back off in accessibilty settings and try again and Pirate Pig is working again.

This Pirate Pig was built with:
hscript: 2.4.0
hxcpp: 4.1.15
lime: 7.8.0
openfl: 9.0.2

but the issue happens on various other versions I’ve tried as well, including dev branches.

Happy to pay a $100 bounty to anyone who can identify and fix this issue.


Maybe this?


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Thanks - I’ve made that change and it did fix the problem on my personal device I described in the recording. I’m hoping it’s the same issue for users and will help them as well, just waiting on confirmation from a few people right now.

Would appreciate a pull request to https://github.com/native-toolkit/sdl if things are stable for you guys

Hi there, I just made an account so I could say thanks, and let you know that Vortelio’s fix worked for me too. I’ve been getting lots of emails and reviews about this bug in my games too (made in Stencyl) and have been really struggling to find a solution. I’ve just had an email from a user confirming that it solved the bug for them :slightly_smiling_face:

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@singmajesty Unless I’m misunderstanding something, the fix was made in the lime repository: https://github.com/haxelime/lime/pull/1442

I’ve received word from one user who said the game is working now so I think this was the solution! Thanks Vortelio for your help! I’ll DM you.