OpenFl performance abysmal on Mac C++ target


Probably. Btw, I also checked with current NME and it behaves similar, if that information helps.


Could this be relevant? A SDL version using Metal on the Mac?


This is an older version of macOS and Windows, but these numbers seem relevant

Does anyone know debuggers/profilers for OpenGL on macOS?


I’ve seen this article, but I would not expect 7x-10x worse CPU time than on Windows, normal and in VM.

As to profiling, Xcode has one, but I never used it before. Btw, it’s somewhat broken in Xcode8: You should be able to run it by enabling remote profiling from the preferences (checkbox is disabled while you don’t set a password). Once enabled, you should be able to connect to it (even from same machine) and attach profiler to the running application you want to debug. I’ll probably try it myself.


I was about to ask about Lime and Metal support on macOS, but I doubt @singmajesty has time to work on it and I don’t know, whether there are enough Lime users targeting macOS to make it worth it. So I guess until someone doesn’t do it, it won’t be done. But that would be another topic.