New versions of OpenFL, Away3D and Starling


We have a new release of OpenFL, with minor releases of Away3D and Starling to match, as well as updated OpenFL and Away3D samples. You can get them all now on Haxelib, or OpenFL and Starling on NPM.

Here’s the OpenFL changelog:

8.4.0 (08/08/2018)

  • Updated to Lime 7.0.0 (with backward support for Lime 6.4)
  • Merged doc sources into runtime sources for better display server support
  • Removed generated documentation from NPM releases to make them smaller
  • Added support for readObject and writeObject in
  • Improved native font auto-hinting (disabled when sharpness = 400)
  • Improved performance by dispatching mouse move events more sparingly
  • Improved state management between Stage3D and display list rendering
  • Improved object cleanup when removing children and using DOM rendering
  • Improved OpenGL rendering when mask objects are on a half-pixel
  • Fixed support for multiple BitmapData inputs in a custom shader
  • Fixed GL cacheAsBitmap and bitmapData.draw rendering that uses masks
  • Fixed to not block while connecting
  • Fixed support for MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER events when not using ROLL_OUT
  • Fixed renderer support for bitmap.opaqueBackground
  • Fixed FullScreenEvent to dispatch with the proper boolean value
  • Fixed the behavior of copyColumn and copyRow in Matrix
  • Fixed a small memory leak when using multiple textures in GL Tilemap
  • Fixed ability to preventDefault on TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT events
  • Fixed missing dispatch of TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT in some cases
  • Fixed minor issues in textField.getFirstCharInParagraph
  • Fixed minor issues in textField.getParagraphLength
  • Fixed optimizations in EventDispatcher if dispatch is re-entrant
  • Fixed missing Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE event for SWF-based children
  • Fixed fullscreen exit event to properly dispatch on HTML5 target
  • Fixed minor issues in the behavior of bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed -Dtelemetry to properly enabled advanced-telemetry on Flash
  • Fixed loader.loaderInfo.width and height values when loading bitmaps
  • Fixed a regression in setting stage.color to 0
  • Fixed the orientation of cube textures in Stage3D
  • Fixed “JPEG-XR+LZMA” warning to output instead of causing an error


OpenFL 8.4.1 has been released, with a patch for a minor regression in SWF processing tools

8.4.1 (08/13/2018)

  • Fixed an issue where the Flash preloader could dispatch complete multiple times
  • Fixed a regression in processing SWF assets for Haxelib releases
  • Fixed an issue with stenciling on Stage3D projects that use display list masks
  • Fixed the value of ExternalInterface.objectID on single HTML5 embeds