Introducing a mod API tool ready to be used on OpenFL


Hello, I’m working in the mod io team also creators of IndieDB and ModDB as part of the DBolical network, long time mod supporters. We just launched a mod API tool ready to be used on OpenFL games. It let’s players browse, upload, download and install mods in-game.
This can be done by integrating our Haxe wrapper in-game and following OpenFL examples, here more information.
In the next days Aground, the first game using mod io on OpenFL, will go on early access. Now, we want to let know other OpenFL devs about this tool so if you guys have any questions feel free to ask. We can assist you and help promoting your game in the DBolical network.
I’m new to OpenFL and Haxe but I really like what I’ve seen. Very easy to work with and I like the free software vibe.
Also, I just created a pull request to add the mod io Haxe wrapper to the OpenFL showcase.

Have a nice day!